The sun is coming back! The warmth is coming back!! Every year around this time, I start to think about spring cleaning (yay – with some insincerity). Over the last few years I’ve decided, when this urge hits, to start my tidying with myself (yay – with sincerity). It’s time to eat cleaner, recommit to movement (I’m not one for structured sports or classes, so it’s a huge part of my fitness-success to remember that exercise doesn’t have to occur on a team or with a membership), and most importantly evaluate my ‘thought habits’.

I learnt, and I teach that there are 6 main components that we should be mindful of in order to live well – what we eat, what we drink, the exercise and rest that we get, how/what we breath, and what we think. Thinking is so important that it outweighs the effect of all the other 5 combined – because it has an almost instantaneous effect on our body’s chemistry, muscle function and energetic frequency. Thoughts centered on love, gratitude, thankfulness, joy, satisfaction etc. are health enhancing; while those dominated by anger, worry, frustration or sadness and so on diminish vitality. The first set are expansive, while the later are contractive – which is no surprise if you think of how you feel after a day spent under the influence of one or the other. What is surprising is how unbalanced the trending of our thoughts actually is, if left unchecked. Some studies say that an average of 70% of our 40,000 daily thoughts tend to be negative ones. Ouch!!

But think about it. When was the last time you really dove into the depths of a compliment someone gave you? ‘Why yes, I AM particularly beautiful today! As a matter of fact, I’m exceptional most days, but I appreciate you noticing’. That feels awkward even to my fingers as I type it. But ‘Oh geez, you noticed my mistake... I am such a fool… when will I ever get it right… yep, I’m even disappointed in myself’… that rolls out more easily. Are you the type that dismisses a compliment and dwells on a criticism? Most of us are. And it affects how we feel, how we function and how we re-create ourselves every day.

At this time of renewal, as we anticipate the fresh new start that spring brings, I suggest that we clean up the habits of our thoughts before we clean up the habits of our home and that we plant the seeds of our own growth before we plant the ones that will sprout outside. If you want them to grow strong, shower them with love and kindness that’s turned inwards so that it can be reflected outwards.

If you’d like to learn more about how the brain responds to the thoughts we feed it, and other practical ways to update the habits that keep us ‘stuck in our stuff’, join me for a fun, informative and interactive evening on March 21st where we’ll focus on ‘Refresh Your Thinking – Revitalize Your Body’