Love Your Planet

Valentine’s Day is always a big day, whether you love it or hate it. The beginning of February is dominated by this one day that is surprisingly unloving towards our planet. Valentine’s Day generates a lot of waste and a lot of carbon with all the flowers, chocolates, and other gifts. Just growing the roses emits a whopping 9,000 tonnes of carbon – the same amount of energy could power the average house for 692 years!

So how can you show your love to your partner on Valentine’s that will also be loving to the environment? Well, this will depend on how you and your partner show love. If you both enjoy spending time together, rather than exchanging gifts, then this is a relatively easy. However, keep the following tips in mind whenever you wish to give your special someone a special something.


If you enjoy receiving or giving flowers, let your partner know that you’d prefer flowers that are in season. Growing flowers in hothouses is carbon-intensive. Here is also a handy list of the different seasonal flowers that also let you know the scent strength, so you’ll know which are ok to send to those who have scent allergies or are scent-sensitive.

Chocolates and other sweets:

You may know that chocolate should be fair trade (meaning farmers are paid a living wage), but there are many great chocolate brands that are also farming as eco-friendly as possible.


Organic wine tastes just as great as any other wine, but the farming and distilling process is more environmentally friendly. Check out this list of organic wineries in Canada.