Looking for (and finding) Love in the Cards

Many people come to me to consult the Tarot about matters of the heart, relationships, LOVE.

During these readings, we chat about how happy the client is in their current relationship, how they have truly found their soul mate, how blissfully contented they are with their perfect partner…


So many accomplished, intelligent, professional, mature, beautiful women come to me because no matter what they do, they can’t seem to find a real, romantic relationship that works.

The Tarot isn’t a magical solution to problems in the love department. They (usually) won’t tell you the name and hair colour of your soul mate, what kind of car they drive, their address…they don’t take away your power in this kind of fatalistic way. The cards can help you to see what opportunities are out there, sure, as well as giving you insight and perspective into what may be standing in your way when it comes to finding the right partner, the one who will truly make you happy. We’re not necessarily talking Prince or Princess Charming Knight in Shining Armour here, but a genuine person that you can connect with, who you can build something real with, and have fun and joy with.

Some of the questions that I have helped my clients explore in the Tarot are…

  • How can I make peace with or move forward after a lousy romantic experience?

  • Why do I keep getting involved with the wrong people?

  • Why can’t I find love? Is there something I’m not seeing? Am I blocking myself?

  • How can I bring real love into my life?

You can see the powerful approach here. The cards can help you to understand what you may need to let go of from the past, see opportunities that you might not be seeing in the present, and get an idea of what you really want and need in a romantic partner, plus action steps detailing how you can make things happen.

Here’s a quick example…

I had a client (who shall remain nameless and who said it is ok to mention this here) who was mystified as to why she couldn’t meet anyone, why she wasn’t connecting or even being approached by anyone. She is lovely, intelligent, and has a great job, but spent a lot of time on her own, feeling like there just isn’t anyone out there for her. We asked the cards for some insight as to what might be going on, if there is anything she could shift in herself to help the situation, and these are the key cards that came up:

Can you see in the first card, the Five of Cups, the sadness and disappointment? The figure seems to be upset and fixated on past events that they have no control over, so much so that they can’t see that there are opportunities and options around them (those two upright cups). In the Four of Cups, we see a figure that is being miraculously offered a cup, but they have no interest, they don’t want to see it. Perhaps they are afraid that it is just a repeat of the past or the same old same old (as we see in the row of three identical cups). There is a feeling of being closed off, not being open to possibilities. I should mention as well, that Cups are the suit of love and emotion in the Tarot. Lastly, we have the imposing Queen of Swords, turning her back to those Cups. I love this Queen, she is intelligent and strong, but she can also be very imposing and hard to approach. Putting this together in a highly abridged version, we see a person who is still carrying the weight of past failed relationships, so much so that they feel a need to protect themselves and shut themselves off from others. We see someone who is independent and capable, but perhaps stern, short or biting in the way they communicate, and presents herself as unapproachable to those who may be romantically interested in her. My client was unaware that she was still so affected by her past, and that she seemed like that Queen of Swords to the people around her. Taking this perspective to heart, she was able to put the past in its place, and open her heart to possibility. What happened? Well, let’s just say, she’s started seeing someone new, and is feeling happy and excited about where things are going.

As we approach Valentine’s Day, if you’d like some insight into matters of the heart, ask the cards for their unique and profound perspective. They can help you to find love within yourself, put the past in its place, and look towards the future with optimism and a sense of adventure. Love may be in the cards for YOU this year!

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