3 Steps to Put Your Holiday Insomnia to Rest

3 Steps to Put Your Holiday Insomnia to Rest

It’s that time of year again. So much to do and so little time to do it! All the holiday tasks, the pressure of trying to meet everyone’s expectations, the attempts to continue family rituals that were created long ago and are pretty well impossible to maintain with the busy everyday schedules we’ve created… Add that to the overindulgence of food and drink, the reduction in time spent on self-care rituals (like exercising and EFT/tapping) and we have a recipe for insomnia!

It becomes a vicious cycle: lack of restful sleep leads to irritability, impatience and illness. That leads to greater insomnia and the whole cycle gets more and more firmly established.

In a recent community presentation, NeftTI certified Emotional Success Coach/EFT Practitioner Catherine Tobin talked about all the different modalities she had used during a difficult time of her life when insomnia was a chronic issue. Of all the modalities she tried, conventional and alternative, she rates EFT as the most effective in releasing her from the tyranny of non-sleep.

There are well-known, practical ‘sleep hygiene’ steps that are easy to put in place and very effective, like shutting down electronic devices (including television) at least a half hour before bedtime, taking a warm bath, and listening to soft music. Just like when we were children, having a well-defined, step-by-step process to end our day tells our brain that it is time to slow down and surrender to sleep.

However, with the heightened excitement of the holidays, sleep can still be a troublesome affair no matter how good your sleep hygiene. That’s why this 3-step EFT Holiday Insomnia plan is so valuable.


These 3 steps are designed to help you fall asleep easily, stay asleep through the whole night, and wake rested and refreshed.


Bronze standard tapping throughout the day on a regular basis. (If you don’t know the Bronze standard technique see the video here.) Take any habit that you already do on an instinctive basis (for example: using the restroom, driving to and from work, taking a shower, or having a drink of water). Tie your bronze standard tapping to this pre-existing habit. Every time you use the facilities, do 5 rounds of simple bronze tapping. This will ‘take the top off’ the stress that is building up over your day. Trust me – your stress is building up even when you’re not aware of it. Regular preventative EFT pays big dividends over time. You’ll be less likely to become stressed and when you are stressed, it will be easier to recover from it.


A routine EFT tapping meditation at the very end of your day. As you repeat this meditation video that Catherine Tobin and I created for you, your brain will receive a message of acknowledgement and appreciation that will allow it to move into its sleep mode.


Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we wake up in the middle of the night and find it difficult to return to sleep. It’s a good idea not to look at the time on the clock because it reinforces the pattern of awakening in the brain.

Instead, do ‘think tapping’ on the acupressure points. Since you’ve been tapping pretty consistently, your brain will understand the message to calm down without you waking yourself up more by physically tapping.

Dr. Pat Carrington reports a 75% success rate using the following set-up phrase:

Even though my brain/body refuses to return to sleep right now, I love and accept it anyway. Repeat the phrase 3 times and then move to the reminder points saying ‘refusing to return to sleep’, ‘refusing to return to sleep’, etc.

If, despite your best efforts to use this plan, you continue to experience insomnia, it’s time to visit your medical professional and engage the services of an accredited EFT Practitioner to explore the deeper issues preventing your body from surrendering to a restful night’s sleep.

NeftTI is happy to help you find a practitioner to help. Email: support@NeftTI.com

Happy Holidays and Sleep Tight,