To keep your man interested, make him feel like a man

I’ve spent over a decade in the field working with all sorts of men from different backgrounds and ages, spanning from their early twenties to late seventies, all varying from middle class to all sorts of wealth. Despite their differences, many things were similar from one gentleman to the next. What turned them on, what turned them off, and what they wanted out of their passionate relationships. Ladies, if you only remember one thing I ever say, remember this: To keep your man interested, make him feel like a man, and give him the cookie! (My advice for men on keeping their woman interested is a lot lengthier.) This keeps them happy, and when in a happy state, he would be willing to do anything for you.

What makes him feel like a man? Men are providers and protectors by nature. Knowing that you “need” them to provide and protect you will give him satisfaction as an alpha man. Also (and this is huge), knowing he has an undercover sex kitten will make him feel like a king. Sex kitten - that’s you. That’s one of your many characters in the bedroom. Knowing that behind closed doors you can morph into a seductress, a dominana, a stripper, a naughty nurse, an arresting police officer, or a sweet sex kitten, turns him on immensely. The creativity and playfulness will feed his soul, as it will yours.

When is the last time you gave your man a little strip tease show as you were getting ready for bed? You’re taking your clothes off anyway, so why not have a little fun with it? Or how about a sensual lap dance as he sits down on the sofa to watch TV? Or better yet, leave him in the living room, go to your bedroom and text him all the naughty things you will do to him if he can make it to the bedroom in 5 seconds! There are so many fun and easy ways to turn your man on; what are you willing to do?

I invite you to come out this November to learn a few new fun techniques and such! Lap dancing, strip teasing, and BJ fun! If you are currently single, come out to Flirty Friday and learn how to get men to pick you up wherever you are.