How to eat a FROG?

A “fog” is the one thing on your to-do-list you actually don’t want to do, it’s the thing that scares you and gets postponed endlessly. There is this theory that you should be “eating the frog” first but at the end of the day who wants to have frog for breakfast.

So after years of trial and error I have developed a practice of eating my frogs and would like to share it here with you:

  1. You cut the frog up into little chunks. Make them so small that they don’t taste like frog. This stands for breaking your tasks down into a list of to-dos small enough that they are not scary any longer when you think of doing every one of them. E.g. if you have to prepare for a big presentation, you put items like create folder, prepare first presentation outline, research topic X research topic Y, research topic Z, etc on your to do list.

  2. Then you determine the best time of day to eat your frog-chunk. This will depend greatly on your family and work circumstances. For me it is first thing in the morning, that is my most productive hour of the day. And then by 9 am I already have already ticked off one frog from my to-do list and I feel great for the rest of the day. It doesn’t matter whatever happens for the rest of the day because I know I have already gotten one step closer to an important goal.

  3. If your scheduled time for the fog chunk arrives and you cannot bring yourself to do it: ask why! Usually the answer is that it is still too intimidating and all you have to do now is break it down further into smaller chunks until you can actually do it.

Your Strategic COACHsultant, Karin Rosendorfer