Manifesting Tip of the Month: Taking 100% Responsibility for your life.

Take responsibility for everything that happen in your life. It's easy to blame others however you will feel much better when you realize that most issues stem from within us. When you are able to take 100% responsibility for the state of our life, you are then able to shift.

Who is Patricia:

Patricia LeBlanc is a dream maker. Patricia empowers female entrepreneurs to get to the next level. Using a Holistic approach, she helps them to get out of their own way, get clear on what they want and teaches them how to create the life and business that they want. Patricia is the multi gifted CEO of Patricia LeBlanc International, International Law of Attraction Expert, an 13 Time International Best Selling Author, International Speaker and Trainer, and Master Energy Healer and Teacher. She is the creator of the International Best Selling Book Series called Manifesting a New Life which you can purchase right here

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