From My Bookshelf: Masters of Networking

As many of us do, I have an extensive collection of books. Apparently, owning these books isn’t enough. The rewards come from reading, absorbing and applying the wisdom, experience and expertise that lie within the pages.

So, I’ve resolved to make my way through each one. And, as I do, I’m going to share excerpts that I find extremely helpful, thoughtful, and catalytic in making changes and growing personally and professionally. You know, the “aha” moments — we all need them and want them.

Here’s one on networking, from Masters of Networking:

Simply stated, networks are people talking to each other, sharing ideas, information, and resources. The point is often made that networking is a verb, not a noun. The important part is not the network, the finished product, but the process of getting there — the communication that creates the linages between people and clusters of people.

Networks exist to foster self-help, to exchange information, to change society, to improve productivity and work life, and to share resources. They are structured to transmit information in a way that is quicker, more high-tech and more energy-efficient than any other process we know.

Although sharing information and contacts is their main purpose, networks can go beyond the mere transfer of data to the creation and exchange of knowledge. As each person in a network takes in new information, he or she synthesizes it and comes up with other, new ideas. Networks share these newly forged thoughts and ideas.

After reading this, I realized that networking isn’t about business: it’s about life, the world, and how we live in the world. Networking fuels everything from simple awareness, to small changes, innovation and paradigm shifts.

Whether a baby step or a huge leap, every change we make is significant. Connect with your network and see what happens next.

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