In A Kitchen Renovation Two Costs That Surprise Home Owners

Homeowners are prepared for substantial costs on countertops and cabinetry but are often surprised with the costs on smaller items in a Kitchen Renovation. Different elements that they need multiples of will add up to a surprising total.

Hardware Costs are one of these surprises. The average kitchen has 27- 30 handles and drawer pulls. The cost of a basic pull / handle is about $10.00, so $300.00 is a minimal amount to allow for handles and pulls. However, if you use two small pulls on drawers or one longer one, the cost increases.

The long stainless handles for wide drawers or tall pantry doors run from $14.00 to $30.00.

So a pair of pantry doors may easily cost $50.00 and longer drawer handles on 8 drawers ($15.00) and one garbage pull out can add up to $135.00. Without any upper cabinet handles accounted for it is not unreasonable to expect to spend about $185.00 as a start.

A few people have told me that they think that total hardware costs will be about $200.00-$250.00

Lighting is another area of cost surprises.

To get comfortable, flexible light in a kitchen more pot lights or track lights are needed than people would think. The multiples add up. Expect a minimum investment of $400.00-$500.00 for light fixtures without any labour costs.

Under cabinet lighting is the most effective working light and is included in a kitchen project by most homeowners. The cost of LED or low voltage under cabinet lighting is between $700.00 to $1,000.00.

Decorative drop pendants are a third type of light that is often used over an island or peninsula. The cost of pendants varies from $50.00-$350.00. Two or three are usually required.

When display cabinets with glass doors have interior lighting this too increases the lighting budget.

It is hard to give an overall range of cost without knowing the size and features of a kitchen but I always caution clients to increase their cost expectations for lighting and the electrician’s work as new regulations in the electrical code require more upgrading than many people anticipate.

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