What is the only real currency?

What is the only real currency?

At this time of the year we often hear people say, "Only x weeks to the holidays, where did this year go?" or "This year went past so fast!" Truth is, that every year and every day passes at exactly the same rate and the only question is, what we make of our time.

TIME is the only real currency in life. We know that it is not endlessly available and every second, minute and day have exactly the same length for every person regardless of how well or well off they are and regardless of where they live. The important distinction comes from how you decide to use your time. And just like monetary currency there are 3 ways: you can waste it, spend it or invest it.

  1. Would you waste your money on things you don't want and need? No, and neither should you do so with your time.

  2. Do you plan on spending a certain share of your budget on enjoyable things? Yes, and you should plan on spending time on activities which are good for you and with people who you truly appreciate. And if sleeping on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon is part of that, then it's time well spent.

  3. Investing time has the same goal as investing money: to have more of it in the end. If you ask yourself how it is it possible to "create more time" just think of examples like invest time in getting properly organized, so you don't need to go back every time to search for things. Investing time in finding and training the right help/ employee will replay you thousand fold and free so much time for other things and future investments.

I encourage you to think of your time as your most valuable currency. Spend it and invest it, but never waste it.

Your Strategic COACHsultant, Karin Rosendorfer