Have you tried EFT Tapping and Meditating?

One of the qualities I most appreciate about EFT Tapping is how easily it works with and expands the effectiveness of other psychological modalities and medical treatments. As a specific example, I have been integrating EFT with meditation for over twenty years both for myself and with clients. The two methods work synergistically, speeding up and deepening the results either achieves on their own.

Perhaps this is because both techniques have a similar goal – to be able to experience the present moment with less resistance and more peace and joy regardless of what external conditions exist in that moment. Both techniques are based on learning to accept ‘what is’, letting go of the need to control both our internal experience and external environments.

‘Even though (insert any issue, person, event) I love and accept myself regardless.’

Practiced consistently, both techniques increase a person’s emotional, mental and physiological flexibility and resiliency. Events and people that previously would have been experienced as stressful and incited a reactive behaviour are tolerated more easily. When the fight or flight reaction is engaged, it is much easier to calm down and to find a response to the situation which is more helpful.

Both techniques use the doorway of the present moment to restore the body and mind to optimal functioning. In my experience when a client has both a meditation and an EFT practice they move more quickly toward an identity where they know and accept their own needs, they can ask assertively and respectfully for those needs to be met, and are more tolerant of themselves and others. They are not as influenced by the opinions of others and make decisions more easily and quickly. They are also able to maintain more fluid boundaries between independence and dependence in relationships.

I have found over time that clients who utilize both EFT and meditation have an ability to get specific about disturbing events and locate core beliefs more readily. Perhaps they experience more confidence about being able to handle any intensity that arises from being this specific. Sessions are more focused and productive as less time is required to calm general overwhelm and upset and less time is spent in talking about the upsets.

My own journey started with meditation. Back in the late ‘70’s I learned transcendental meditation and then in the 80’s I enjoyed the emergence of loving kindness and mindfulness meditation into the western world. In the 90’s I fell in love with Holosync created by Bill Harris at Centerpoint. I continue to find it enormously effective and highly recommend it.

I believe my meditation experience allowed me to be more open to the emergence of Energy Psychology (EFT) in the late ‘90’s. Although it looked weird, so did meditation when I first started that!

How I've used meditation with EFT for myself

Here are a few ways that I have integrated EFT and meditation over the years:

Early on in my practice, I held completely separate sessions. 20 minutes of EFT practice one day and 20 minutes of meditation the next day. Or 20 minutes of one in the morning and 20 minutes of the other at night.

Today I am much more likely to integrate the two at the same time.

Sometimes I start with 10 minutes of tapping to clear any specific anxieties or upsetting sensations and then move into meditation. I have found that this ritual leads to a deeper meditation experience than without the tapping to begin. Sometimes I begin with 15 minutes of meditation and then move into tapping after that. I have found this helpful when I’m not aware of any anxiety – the meditation will often bring some to the surface.

And sometimes I do them both ‘on the fly’.

I start with meditation, become aware of something drawing my attention and then do some tapping to release that. Then back to the meditation.

Finally, I enjoy ‘grafting’ EFT onto existing meditative scripts or affirmations. One of my favourites is the following Prayer of Love, Peace and Light. Just sit comfortably, close your eyes if you wish and mindfully move through your tapping points as you recite –

LOVE is before me;

LOVE is behind me;

LOVE is at my left;

LOVE is at my right;

LOVE is above me;

LOVE is below me;

LOVE is unto me;

LOVE is in my surroundings;

LOVE to all.

Breathe gently and then repeat the sequence using PEACE in place of LOVE and then a final round using LIGHT as your focus. I encourage you to experiment using other words that hold value for you, perhaps FREEDOM, JOY, TOGETHERNESS, CALM. May you find your way to integrate these wonderful gifts into a practice that inspires and supports you! I'd love to know what you think of the resources I shared and how you use meditation.

Nancy Forrester