Taking Back My Body – I’m Up to the Challenge

The Pink environment is special for many reasons, not least of which is its being a safe place for exploration and brutal honesty. So, honouring that, here’s me sharing some of my vulnerable honesty in the hopes that it opens the door for others to do some self-exploration of their own…

It’s hard to remember a time when weight didn’t play a roll in how I measured my self-love and self-worth (what was that, did I hear the sound of the amen-chorus just now?). I went from a chubby kid during the first go-round of the legging and tunic fad (during which I instead wore ‘husky’ jeans that my mom special ordered from the Sears Catalogue), to an obsessively thin teenager who got that way by punishingly rigorous calorie-restriction and stringent self-deprivation, to a young woman who ate her way through the stress of post-secondary school and early adulthood, to a young (and no-longer-so-young) mom who told herself she no longer had the time to focus on self-care. None of those girls/women was particularly happy with what they saw in the mirror, most turned to outside sources of approval much more than they should have, and all really and truly deserved better - they all would have treated a beloved friend a heck of a lot better than they treated themselves.

That is until January of this year. In January, I responded to the call from one of my mentors to join a 45-day Challenge aimed at releasing weight, reclaiming wellness and retraining the sub-conscious brain around its beliefs about food/weight/health. And my results have been nothing short of revolutionary – so much so that by ½ way through the process I’d actually forgotten what day we were on (an experience that was diametrically opposite to those on other ‘diet’ strategies). I’d committed (as did almost all the other Challenge participants) to take this new way of being - the Alkaline way that is explained in the video here – from a Challenge to just a new way of Being. In addition to losing more than 20 lbs. in the first go-round, I also claimed better rest, increased energy, brighter skin, clearer thinking and MOST SIGNIFICANTLY TO ME an easier connection to my intuition - that guiding voice that I’d lost by focusing so much energy on outside-in evaluation rather than the more authentic inside-out guidance system we’re all born to use.

Because the Challenge has been so important to me, I asked for and received permission to run a similar one for my community (that’s you!) and I’m pleased to be spearheading the Take My Body Back- 45 Day Challenge beginning on October 17th (a date strategically chosen to get us Holiday Party ready by the start of December). It’s based on supplements of the highest nutritional value I’ve ever come across, together with a closed Facebook group that I’ll set up specifically for us to have a place for accountability, support and shared advice. We will kick-off with a ‘pre-game’ meeting on October 13th where I’ll be teaching a bit about nutrition and the beliefs that keep us cycling through the weight patterns we’ve had in play throughout our lives. On the 13th, you’ll have a chance to see if the Challenge is right for you, try some yummy shakes made with the meal-replacement supplements, and network with members of your future team. Click here for more specifics of the Take My Body Back Challenge, and see you on the 13th!