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Our Gurus

Simple Definition of guru

  •  a teacher or guide that you trust

  •  a person who has loads of experience in or knowledge about a particular subject

When collecting information for our Gurus I asked a couple of questions, What do you do? and Who is your idea client?  Wanting to assist you in quickly finding who you are looking for and making sure they are looking for you.

Please select from the categories below and check back as our Guru list grows.

Business Gurus

Liz Scott - Affinity Coach Consulting

Gurus for your Business

Angela Ong - Product Design Consultant

eLi - Senior Graphic Designer

Samantha Richardson - Ethical Business Coach

Tru Ferguson - Fashion/Portrait Photographer


Gurus for your Personal Growth

Mardi Edelstein - Mediator & Conflict Coach

Milada Sakic - Transformational Teacher, Healer & Astrologer

Miss Jada - Love Jones Empowerment

Paula Cowan - Career Coach

Treasa Labaj -  Consultant and Results Coach

Vaishali Patel - Registered Psychotherapist

Health Gurus

Dr. Alisa Blumberg - B.E.S.T. practioner

Dr. Catherine Newry - Naturopathic Doctor

Jana Bartley - Helping you Navigate the Healthcare System

Nancy Forrester - Executive Director of NeftTI

Spitiual Gurus

Diane Young - Energy Healer and Teacher

Lori Lytle - Inner Goddess Tarot

A Melange of Gurus

Cara Adams - Vocal Coach

Cheryl Geonanga - Raw Food Enthusiast

Gail Fullarton - The Money Person

Sheila Doris - Renovation & Interior Design Specialist

Susan Konkin - Tame your Locks


Business Guru     Life Guru         Health Guru    Spiritual Guru      Guru for your Business        General Guru


We ask that you realise that your relationship with each and every Guru we introduce you to will be uniquely yours and is between the two of you.

The Pink Portfolio is not responsible or liable for any products, services or advice provided by our Gurus.  The Guru list is simply a list of specialists who have proven results and testimonies that we trust.  It is entirely up to you to decide if they are someone you trust. 

If you have received information/advice that you feel is not representative of the service advertised by a Guru, please send an email to info@thepinkportfoliogroup.com

If you are interested in more information regarding being a Pink Portfolio Guru, please send an email to info@thepinkportfoliogroup.com