Masterminds Sessions

Master Mind Groups are relatively new to most people, even though Napoleon Hill created the concept around 75 years ago with his book, Think and Grow Rich. A mastermind group is designed to help you navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others.
Our groups will be facilitated by an experienced coach and structured the following way:
We will have a 15 min dedicated topic for every session which your facilitator will present. Everybody will then have 10-15 min to present their topic/questions to the group and ask for input. Ideally you come back every month and be part of the group; this way people get to know each other and can support each other well. However, the meeting content will be structured so that you will benefit either way.
Group options:
1.       “Getting Stuff Done” Accountability Mastermind Group – entry level
We will be talking about SMART goal setting and efficient work techniques. There will be a different focus area every month. At each meeting you will be asked to list the goals you commit to, and you will have the chance to ask questions. The following month you will report on your achievement and commit to new goals.
2.       “Happiness Project” Mastermind Group – all levels
We will be talking about one topic that furthers happiness every month, starting with “Having more energy.” You will commit to resolutions around this topic and practice them every month, then we will share our experiences and move on to the next month’s topic.
3.       “The Big Picture” Life Planning Master Mind Group – all levels
This is a 6-session programme and every session builds on the previous one. You will first determine your life accounts (ALL areas which are important to you - this is not about finding one passion) and where you are at in every single account. Then you will determine where you need to improve and you will make an action plan for all areas. This will give you a great helicopter view of where your life is currently heading and will enable you to direct it where you want to it to head.
4.     “Career Stalling” Mastermind Group – all levels
This 6-session programme will help you understand what made your spark go out, what solutions you can put into place, and what comfort zones you need to leave. The support and idea generation of a Mastermind Group can turn the boulders on your path into pebbles or serve as a GPS to plan a new route.  You will get your career mojo back!  Plus learn tips and tricks to make employers come to YOU!  

5.    “Changing My Career Direction” Mastermind Group – all levels
This 6-session programme, where no idea is far-fetched, will help you explore and research what form(s) career #2 or #3 could take.  Based on your transferable skills and aptitudes, as well as the recurring themes in your life. This is exactly the place to discuss your secret aspirations in a supportive environment with 10 solutions/referrals for every problem.  Your new career is not only possible but inevitable. 

6.     “Abundance and Manifesting” Mastermind Group – all levels
The aim of this 6-session programme is to learn some of the abundance and manifestation processes that can be used in both your life and business, while receiving support and accountability.  This is for Female Entrepreneurs who are ready to get out of their own way and are looking for accountability. Must be motivated and a team player.
7.     “Money Management” Mastermind Group – entry level
In the next 6 sessions we are going to explore, learn and master dealing with money.
Included in this topic are: Getting to know your budget, understanding where your money is going, how to use credit and dealing with debt, how to finance your future life and changing your mindset towards money. A part of this mastermind will include a vision board session for your future life, so start saving magazines and clippings – we need to dream a little too.

The Masterminds will occur at different days and times. Most will take place at our Bay St location; however, the possibility of virtual meetings will be a future possibility.  

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