Who are we?

Kathy lee 2

It has been said many times that The Pink Portfolio is a very special place.  Initially created to combat the isolation created by us and our busy out of balance lives or the call to be a couch potato. 

Since then, The Pink Portfolio has become so much more than providing a space for women to come together and enjoy each other’s company.  The small boutique evening sessions with experts is not the only excuse to sit around the table and be surrounded by your peers. Women like you who have allowed their lives to be about juggling work and family demands and have realised they need to fill that empty space.

Some women find Pink on their own, many find us by word of mouth - this group of powerful unique women who welcome you for who you are. 

When Gail Fullarton created it in 2014 the original mission of the Pink Portfolio meetup group, was simply to create a space for unique and quirky women to be accepted and who were also struggling with isolation. 

With different work experience here and abroad, Gail had seen how the work environment dictated how women communicate and ultimately succeed.  The corporate culture here in Canada was quite brutal, pitting employees against each other instead of creating a culture of partnership.  Also listening to her clients as a Financial Consultant Gail realised she was not alone and the need for the Pink Portfolio would not just fill lack of connection in her own life.  The need to be accepted for who she is, or learn new things – just because it sounded interesting and most of all – to know she wasn’t the only one feeling like …..well, Gail knew she needed to find a group for women to get together and feel free to be authentic and take off the mask?  The Pink Portfolio is not necessarily just about empowerment, more how to create an atmosphere of win win.

As the Pink Portfolio grew we had a moment, a sad moment where we lost one of our girls.  It was a pivotal moment as the true mission for The Pink Portfolio was realised.  While it is a bold statement WE CHANGE LIVES, it keeps on happening and is very beautiful to watch and be a part of. 

Ever seen The Butterfly Effect?  It can be as small as the right words to provide you with the encouragement to have that important conversation, the courage to try something new, the confidence to walk a little taller, the connection of a friend of a friend who …… who knows where it could end – all we know is where it can start.